Venus necklace

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Product Details:

• 18k gold plated shell

• 18k gold plated chain 

• comes with a freshwater pearl (which can be made into a ring or necklace)

• non-tarnish 

• waterproof 

The Meaning Behind Venus:

Venus is inspired by the Roman goddess Venus, her Greek counterpart would be Aphrodite. This necklace is particularly inspired by the “Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli. 

Who is This Necklace For:

This necklace is for anyone who is trying to love themselves or love someone else. This necklace is meant to express love but through jewelry. Venus was associated with with love, beauty, pleasure, passion and procreation.

You might be single, or struggling with self love, but this necklace is for everyone who is working and continuing to fight for love whether that be for themselves or for a partner. 


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Customer Reviews

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Ariana Ramage
Venus necklace

It's a beautiful necklace and I love the pearl inside, though it might be nice to have a possibility of attaching it inside so that it doesn't fall out so easily. The chain and pendant were also both a bit larger and heftier than I was expecting, but I do tend to go for more dainty jewelry. Overall worth the purchase


took a couple weeks to get here but really cute & elegant; love the packaging as well

Venus necklace

I love this. Every piece of jewelry I order from this shop exceeds expectations:)

Helena Linares
Really really cute

La escribo en español pero vamos que es una maravilla el único problema qie creo que ha sido por el largo shipping es qie la perla se ha caído peo nada que el pegamento no solucione

Kelsey Dillon

I haven’t gotten it yet