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Product Details: 

  • 925 sterling silver plating 
  • cubic zirconium gemstone 
  • waterproof 
  • non-tarnish  

The Meaning Behind Danae: 

Danae is the mother of Perseus, however, she has had a handful of involvement with the Olympians before the birth of her son. Her father was King Akrisos who had thrown Danae into a prison chamber made out of bronze. The King heard of a prophecy that said Danae's son would kill him. To avoid his demise, we punished her with punishment and to ensure that she could not conceive. 

However, Zeus admired Danae's beauty and through the ceiling of her prison, he came down in the form of a golden shower. From here, Zeus was able to impregnate Danae. Once the King found out, he put both Danae and baby Perseus into a crate and pushed them into the sea. By Zeus' grace, they lived.  


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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous Necklace

I love everything about this necklace, the colour is stunning and the gem is beautiful. My only issues with it is i wish the chain was a little bit longer, but other than that I love it! Will definitely be ordering from here again