• At Mahajabeen, our manufacturers are a key team that hide behind the scenes of our brand. We are partnered with different manufacturers that we are extremely grateful for bringing the jewelry both you and us enjoy. Mahajabeen works alongside manufacturers with 10+ years of experience, who create safe workplace and pay equity wages. Furthermore, our manufacturers are certified in cutting, plating and assembling the jewelry.

  • Before our manufacturers tinker away, our designs begin at HQ located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) of Canada. For designs, Mahajabeen typically involves customers through Instagram. On our platform there, we ask our customers to help design pieces through simple polls. If the designs are plausible, we follow through with them!

    Mahajabeen's Instagram 
  • Once a novel idea for a design is set in place, Mahajabeen will draft up a rough sketch of how we envision it to look in the end. Afterwards, we transfer the digital version into a 3D render through the help of other artists and use a 3D printer to make the mold. 

  • Mold & Base

    By having a mold, we are able to physically see and feel out the sizing, features and smaller details of our jewelry. On average, this 3D process takes two revisions in order to perfect it. When the final mold is confirmed, we create the base of the jewelry. To build a base, we begin with either melting or cutting the base material that is poured into the mold.

  • Filing & Plating

    From here we solidify the metal and file off any extra bits in order to smooth the base out. After filing and buffing, the plating process comes next. Normally, the plating used is 18K gold to achieve that stunning shine and color. With our recent silver jewelry, it involves 925 sterling silver or stainless steel. After coating, we then go ahead and choose a chain and add any of the remaining details, such as a necklace extender and our logo.

  • Final Steps

    When our manufacturers ship the final product to us, they use a minimal amount of plastic. The last step is putting the packaging together and sending it out to you!