• Mahajabeen is focused on ensuring that you receive the highest quality materials and jewelry. We work with verified manufacturers with 10+ years of experience. Our design team operates by sketching designs for review. The sketch is then detailed with measurements and 3D mockups for our manufacturers to reference. Our made materials and stones that we work with are Zircon Gems, Gold Plating, PVD, 925 Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel & Rhodium Plating. 

  • The Details About Each Material:

  • Zircon Gemstones

    Zircon is a colorful and reflective gemstone. The gemstone is offered in the following: yellow, red, brown, green and blue. There are three types of zircon gemstones labeled as low, intermediate, and high. The classification allows gemologists to separate the gemstones individual properties; specifically the radiation-induced damage done to the crystal structure. All zircon in jewelry is high, meaning that the crystal structure is intact with little to no damage. 

  • PVD Plating

    PVD gold plating is used to ensure your jewelry does not tarnish. It is an added measurement to make sure your pieces last a lifetime. PVD gold plating also gives the illusion of real gold.  

  • Stainless Steel & 18K Gold Plating

    Stainless steel is the base metal we use when creating your jewelry.  Stainless steel is hypoallergenic and waterproof, making it the perfect base material for jewelry. We add 18k gold plating on top of the stainless steel to intensify the color and create an extra layer of protection. 

  • Rhodium Plating

    Rhodium plating does not oxidize easily, is hypoallergenic, and nickel-free. Rhodium is one of the most expensive metals in the world and which is why you won’t find many pieces with it. This plating can last many years but without safe storage and high friction, the metal can rub off. Rhodium plating is done in the final stages of creating the jewelry and requires precise skills.

  • We believe in inclusivity and affordability, we do our best to cut out any extra costs that you would get from a traditional jewelry company and give you a price that allows you to own a special piece of a much greater story.