The Start

"Mahajabeen started in my little bedroom, with a whiteboard and endless watching of Youtube videos. In 2020, my university courses were pushed to being online and I was at home with a lot of free time. I called my best friend and that’s how we started Mahajabeen."

- CEO, Mahajabeen

  • From August 2020, Mahajabeen has been catering to giving your all your jewelry needs with a connection to Greek Mythology.

    Ever since from the start, Mahajabeen has blossomed into something larger than it's inital thought - which is crazy! Mahajabeen hopes to become an accessory to yours and others daily lives. Our Team couldn't have accomplished this dream without your endless support.

  • Sustainability

    We aim to be more conscientious in our practices where we can by staying true to our sustainable values.

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  • Donations

    Mahajabeen's major value is donating. We donate 20% of each order to different causes.

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  • Fair Pricing + High Quality

    In order to deliver the most affordable options for you, we consider several factors to stay transparent.

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