Mahajabeen is a small boutique dedicated to both designing and sourcing jewelry that is inspired by Greek Mythology. Our goal is to create art that you can wear and feel a connection too. 

Mahajabeen originally started in a little bedroom as an Etsy store who begun to slowly expanding into it's own worth. Now, the boutique is as you know and love it!

Our major focus is ensuring we are as eco-friendly as possible. All of our packaging is reusable and biodegradable: signature jewelry bag, crinkle paper, biodegradable poly mailers, and card box. Our manufacturers share our vision as well, they send our pieces in the minimum amount of plastic. On top of this, we reuse any leftover plastics.

We try to incorporate art with everything we do! This includes our website, our jewelry and with our packaging. Mahajabeen works alongside WOC artists, giving us our experimental art styles. Currently we have special jewelry cards made for each piece and we also are working on a custom shipping box.