Jewelry Trends in 2022

With the rise of the new year, new trends are coming in quickly for 2022. If you’re wondering what type of pieces you should invest in, here’s an overview to help out. Here we’ll be going over some highly predictable and fashionable trends. 

Chunky for More 

Let loose your dainty jewelry and check out some of the heavier pieces that are dropping. Chunky jewelry is becoming the statement look, even more, make sure its gold, gold, and gold. 

We’re talking 80s and early 90s chunky jewelry, you know what Chanel would have been showing off in their shows back in the days! Actually, think right now, tons of runway shows have their models wearing the chunkiest pieces they possibly can.

Chunky has become one of our niches in recent months and it’s certainly here to stay for 2022. Stay in fashion and stand out with some of our heavier pieces: 


(Ares + Dionysus: Here’s our take on chunky rings, you get the best of both worlds, chunky and colorful!) 

(Medusa Earrings: Newly inspired pieces with our famed Medusa Pendant, these girls will definitely bring positive attention your way.)

Aphrodite’s Favorite: Pearls 

If you ever wanted to feel more like a goddess, 2022 is the year to do it, and with the goddess of love’s favorite, pearls! 

They didn’t lie when they said a girl’s best friend is pearls, they’re super effective and make any day-to-day or nighttime outfit a hit. Pearlcore - yes, you read that right - is a predicted trend to stay in 2022. If you’re in Australia, you really want to get some pearls going on since pearl jewelry is a popular search term. 


In fashion, Vivienne Westwood started pushing out chunky pearl jewelry in the 80s. Back in the days, pearls were a mix of higher-end fashion with a youthful kick. Now, with Greek mythology, pearls are heavily associated with being rumored as Aphrodite’s tears of joy. They double as a symbol of purity and beauty! 

Pearls are one of our beloved staple makers, so we want to share with you what to get this pearl season. 

We have a variety of pearl functions, whether they’re in earrings, necklaces, or rings. Take a look into these beauties: 

(Athena Earrings: Jumping on the chunky bandwagon, we added a heavier hoop for a bigger pearl.)

(Artemis Choker: She’s a real favorite among our followers and the perfect amount of dainty and heavy.)

(Aphrodite Ring: Modeled right after the goddess herself, these rings offer just enough bling to catch attention subtly) 

A Pop of Color on You 

Y2K fashion is at the forefront of style as usual, but we’re taking a glance at the colorful and cute pieces. 

This type of jewelry really takes us back to our childhood when we used to make our own necklaces and bracelets. Beaded charms, colorful string and chains, wacky patterns are all in at the moment from your own room to the high-end runways. 

If you want to please your inner child, definitely get some colorful jewelry. Your collection doesn’t need to be Y2K-esque, you can get the same effect with any colorful jewelry. 

Colors are a new way to make you pop right in 2022. Brighten your year up with some of our favorite colors: 


(Amphitrite Ring: If we’re being honest, this ring is our favorite. Amphitrite captures light so beautifully and shines the brightest blue. We totally recommend getting her.)


(Hippolyta Ring: This ring is good all year round, but she stands out during the warmer months. The sage green is super calming and on top of this, she has the slightest swirl designs to admire.)

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