Danae, and Her Bronze Chamber

Danae, and Her Bronze Chamber

Danae was the Princess of Argos and Mother of Perseus. The only child of King Arkrisos, who had locked Danae away once he learned of a prophecy. Said prophecy told King Arkrisos that he would be killed by one of Danae’s sons - should she have one. To protect himself, the King locked her away in what’s has been noted as a “subterranean, bronze chamber”.

Zeus had fallen in love with Danae due to her beauty. So, Zeus had come across Danae in the form of a Golden Shower in her prison. Through breaking into her prison, Danae had conceived Zeus’ son, Perseus. 

King Arksisos had learned what happened and took action. He threw Danae and infant Perseus into a chest, putting it in the sea and they drifted away. Under the protection of the Gods, the pair made it to safety and were discovered by fishermen. The fisherman was the brother of the King of the land they ended upon. 

As Perseus grew in age, he was sent to sought out the Gorgon’s head by King Polydektes. This King wanted Danae for himself, hence his reasoning for sending Perseus on this mission. King Polydektes did not envision Perseus returning successful or for him and his men to be turned into stone as Perseus learned his mother was hiding from the King. 

In the end, Perseus retrieved his Mother and they made their way back to Argos so that Perseus could reclaim his throne. 


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